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3 Design Tips That Manipulate Human Nature

3 Design Tips That Manipulate Human Nature

As a website owner, you have heard dozens of website design tips. But your website is an essential element of your business. Some of these essential tips revolve around how to get your website noticed by search engines and in turn noticed by visitors. For this you have to consult your SEO agency.

Your visitors are human beings. And, human beings are creatures of habit. In web design, you can manipulate that weakness to increase user engagement and conversion rates. Here are the three tips that do just that.

Choose the correct colour scheme

Different colours evoke different emotions. To know the colours to use on your website, a study of your target market is critical. Young and old people perceive colour differently. Similarly, the colours that appeal to men do not have the same effect on women. Bright colours evoke strong emotion and energy, while dark colours denote a reflective tone or calmness.

Remember too much colour is distracting to the eyes. So, the reader will not focus on the relevant content in a web page. Stick to three colours. A primary colour that will occupy 60% of the web page, a secondary colour that will fill 30% of the space, and an accent colour that will occupy 10% of the space.

Use bright colours on elements that you want the reader to focus on such as the call-to-action buttons. Bright colours grab the readers’ attention.

Use the top left corner

When you open a web page, you will naturally first look at the top left corner of the page. One possible explanation is because people read from left to right starting from the top. Not only that, people tend to focus on that part of the page for longer. A savvy content marketer will see this as an opportunity. Put content that you want the reader to pay attention to at that part of the page.

Very few people focus on the bottom right. In fact, very few people will get to that part of the page.

Use white space

Most people find it hard to concentrate in an untidy and cluttered setting. Actually, the next time you find it hard to concentrate, try to organize your workspace. So, your website visitors will not focus or even accomplish the purpose of visiting your website if it is cluttered.

The solution is to use white space, also known as negative space. You do not have to put content, images, and thumbnails on every inch of space on a web page. Use enough white space so that the reader will focus on the valuable content.

That is how to manipulate human nature in web design.


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