22 Best Homepage Design To Inspire You

Each time a new visitor lands at your website marks a moment — an opportunity to draw them in and engage them. This is where the power of a homepage design comes into play; it’s not about looks but about creating a memorable entry point into your digital realm.

An outstanding  homepage design sets your website’s tone, shaping how visitors interact with it. If you fail to grab their attention from the start, they’ll quickly navigate away.

This piece dives deep into the anatomy of a stellar homepage design, unravelling the secret ingredients that make it pop.

Follow along as we showcase 22 websites that have mastered this art form.

Homepage Design Best Practises

Each homepage design we’ve showcased here brings to life a unique recipe for digital success, weaving together key ingredients that set them apart. While no single formula guarantees perfection, the crème de la crème of website homepage design masterfully blend these elements to craft compelling online experiences.

Your Homepage Design Must Answer Who You Are, What You Do, and What You Expect Your Visitors to Do

A well-crafted website acts like a digital handshake, immediately telling your story— who you are, what your mission is, and how visitors can leap into action on your platform. Picture this: iconic brands like Coca-Cola might skip the intros, their fame speaks for them.

Yet, for the rest of us in the business world, spelling out our essence is crucial to make every visitor feel they’ve landed exactly where they need to be. Steven Krugg, in his groundbreaking book, Don’t Make Me Think, hits the nail on the head—your website has a blink’s time to spell out your purpose. Fail at this, and your visitors might just disappear into the digital ether.

Crafting a Connection with Your Crowd

A homepage design should feel like a handshake with your target audience — personal, direct, and warm. It’s about zeroing in with laser focus, ensuring every word and homepage design element speaks their language. The most effective homepages cut through the noise, ditching the corporate speak for a clear, clutter-free conversation.

Your homepage design is your silent ambassador, whispering the essence of your brand’s promise

Imagine your website’s homepage design as the welcoming mat into the world of what you offer. It’s not just about being pretty; it’s about telling a compelling story that grips your visitors the moment they land. This is your chance to make your value proposition shine, captivating potential clients and persuading them that they’ve found what they’ve been searching for.

After all, first impressions are powerful, and your homepage design is where you seal the deal.

Optimized for Every Imaginable Device

In today’s digital age, versatility in web homepage design isn’t just nice to have—it’s absolutely crucial. Picture this: as of October 2022, a whopping 65.85% of website visits came from smartphones and tablets. The message? If your site isn’t built to dazzle on these devices, you’re missing out on a huge slice of the internet pie.

Enter the era of mobile-first homepage design—where simplicity reigns supreme. Gone are the days of cluttered pages and intrusive extras.

Think clean lines, swift loading times, and a navigation so intuitive, that your grandma could find her way with ease. Flashy banners, over-the-top animations, and those pesky pop-ups?

They’re the dinosaurs of the digital world. Your mission? Craft a website that’s as friendly to a user on a subway ride as it is to one sitting at a desk.

Unleash the Power of Click-Inviting CTAs

Transform your homepage from a mere digital flyer into a dynamic sales powerhouse with the magic of [Calls-to-Action (CTAs)]. These clickable champions are your best bet in nudging visitors toward taking action.

Whether it’s to “Start a Free Trial,” “Book a Demo,” “Shop Now,” or simply “Discover More,” CTAs are the signposts guiding users on their journey through your site.

They’re your site’s navigators, ensuring visitors aren’t just passing through but are engaging, clicking, and converting. With a mix of primary and secondary buttons, your homepage design won’t just capture attention—it’ll command action.

#1. FreshBooks

homepage design - FreshBooks

Immerse yourself in the simplicity and efficiency of FreshBooks—an accounting software crafted for the heartbeat of small and medium enterprises. From the moment you land on their homepage design, it’s as though FreshBooks rolls out the red carpet, inviting you into a world where its features shine brightly, straightforwardly revealing the benefits at your fingertips.

The homepage design cleverly uses contrasts and strategic placement of the “Try for Free” button, an irresistible call to action that beckons you closer, encouraging exploration without commitment.

What Caught Our Admiration:  FreshBooks doesn’t just claim success; they showcase it through the authentic experiences of their customers. Real stories and glowing reviews, complete with third-party star ratings, serve as the social proof that elevates trust and cements FreshBooks as a trusted ally in the business world.

#2. Pixelgrade

homepage design - Pixelgrade

Pixelgrade greets you with what it does best right off the bat: crafting unique WordPress themes. A bold headline paired with an insightful subtitle quickly informs visitors of their offerings.

To the right, a sneak peek of their stylish WordPress themes awaits. Scroll a bit further, and you’re treated to three compelling reasons to choose Pixelgrade, each convincingly backed by testimonials from satisfied customers.

What Caught Our Admiration: The layout’s simplicity merged with vibrant colour schemes brilliantly highlights the call-to-action buttons, making it impossible to overlook.

#3. Chipotle

homepage design - Chipotle

Chipotle shines as a beacon of dynamic and versatile homepage design. Always in flux, Chipotle embraces the spirit of innovation, showcasing its newest culinary creations front and centre.

Beyond tantalizing menu teasers, the site navigates visitors through an array of services from the comfort of their screen—think effortless online ordering, the perfect gift card solutions, and seamless catering options for any event.

What Caught Our Admiration: The mastery of their food photography. Each image is a feast for the eyes, crafted with such detail and allure that it virtually transports the aroma directly through the screen. It’s visual storytelling that not just entices but captivates, proving that a picture is indeed worth a thousand bites.

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#4. eWedding

homepage design - eWedding

Ideal for lovebirds on the path to matrimonial bliss, eWedding crafts a splendid nook on the web for your wedding saga to unfold. Its homepage design is a breath of fresh air—sleek, uncluttered, and with just the essentials to nudge you into action.

Visual delights and compelling headlines invite you into a seamless experience, crowned with a “Start now” call-to-action that smooths out any hesitation. Digging deeper, the site unveils a clever cost calculator, guiding couples on what they might save by managing RSVPs, a cash registry, and their bespoke website all in one place.

What Caught Our Admiration: The ticking counter showcases over 900,000 love stories that have chosen eWedding for their digital abode—a testament to trust and joy.

#5. Digiday

homepage design - Digiday

Digiday steps away from the chaotic clutter of headlines and visuals that define most online news outlets. Instead, it boldly reserves its prime homepage design of real estate for a singular, captivating article.

This approach not only makes the feature impossible to ignore but its striking image and compelling headline virtually beckons for a click.

What Caught Our Admiration: Simplicity rules the roost here, with a solitary icon at the homepage’s pinnacle guiding you with ease to a subscription page. It’s a minimalist’s dream in the digital news realm.

#6. Evernote

homepage design - Evernote

Evernote has evolved significantly, transforming from a straightforward note-keeping tool into an extensive arsenal of business utilities. It skillfully distils various features into a handful of compelling advantages, enhancing user experience.

Its homepage is a study in clarity and appeal, employing a minimalist homepage design with strategic uses of its vibrant green on a clean white background to highlight pathways to conversion.

The main message is both a promise and an invitation: “Tame your work, organize your life,” guiding viewers effortlessly towards a strikingly simple “Sign Up For Free” call to action.

What Caught Our Admiration: Evernote simplifies the sign-up ordeal with a quick, one-click Google sign-up option, streamlining the process to save precious moments for its users.

#7. Telerik

homepage design - Telerik

Telerik by Progress shatters the “stuffy enterprise” image with its vibrant, playful website. Even as a tech giant, it channels a laid-back, Google-esque charm through bold hues, whimsical homepage design, and dynamic videography.

The site distils its diverse range of technology products into six straightforward offerings, making it a breeze for visitors to grasp what the company is all about and how they can engage further.

What Caught Our Admiration:  The crisp, uncluttered copy cuts right to the chase, resonating directly with its audience in a language they understand.

#8. Basecamp

homepage design - Basecamp

At first glance, Basecamp’s homepage grabs your attention with its clever headline paired with a sharp sub-headline that immediately clarifies its mission and how it stands out in a crowded market. The call-to-action pops, positioned prominently so you can’t miss it.

What Caught Our Admiration: Basecamp takes a unique angle with its homepage design, opting for a blog-esque vibe (or a single-page site style), which ditches the clutter for a streamlined, information-rich experience.

#9. Charity: Water’s Digital Canvas

homepage design - Charity: Water's Digital Canvas

At the heart of charity: water’s online presence is a homepage that marries stunning visuals with compelling narrative and interactive homepage design to captivate visitors the moment they arrive. With a clear mission to encourage donations, they’ve smartly positioned their payment portal right above the fold, ensuring it’s the first thing visitors see.

And for those who might bypass the donation option initially, scrolling down reveals alternative paths to contribute, ensuring no opportunity for generosity is overlooked.

What Caught Our Admiration: It’s their masterful use of emotive video and photography that really sets charity: water apart. They don’t just tell you about the impact of your donation; they show you, through powerful imagery that touches the heart and inspires action.

#10. TechValidate

homepage design - TechValidate

TechValidate sets the gold standard for how software tools can articulate their value proposition and product functionality right from their homepage. With a brilliant blend of homepage design and detail, TechValidate stands out.

Its homepage is a work of art, thoughtfully crafted with generous amounts of white space, bold contrasting hues, and homepage design elements that put the customer’s needs first. The messaging is crisp and persuasive, drawing users in, and the call-to-action is impossible to ignore.

What Caught Our Admiration: The prominently featured product video takes centre stage, serving as a beacon for customers looking for a quick, informative overview.

#11. Kind Snacks

homepage design - Kind Snacks

A visit to Kind Snacks’ website is a visual feast that will leave your stomach rumbling. The vivid colours leap off the screen, ensuring each word and image pops with life, inviting you to explore further.

 A cleverly implemented carousel showcases the brand’s extensive range of delectable treats, highlighting the fact that there’s a flavour for everyone’s palate. But there’s more to this site than just eye-catching product displays.

It warmly introduces a world of unique offerings like gift cubes, customizable snack boxes, and petite-sized delights for on-the-go munching.

What Caught Our Admiration: The subscription service. Kind Snacks details the perks of subscribing with such clarity, making it an irresistible proposition for snack lovers everywhere.

#12. Ahrefs

homepage design - Ahrefs

Unlock the secret to boosting your SEO with Ahrefs’ array of tools, all while keeping things refreshingly straightforward. Their homepage invites you into a world of simplicity, encouraging you to kickstart your SEO improvement journey with an easy sign-up.

The homepage design embodies minimalism at its finest—no distractions, just a sleek blend of solid backgrounds and clean typography that lets the content breathe.

The striking contrast of blue, white, and orange hues grabs your attention, ensuring the headlines and call-to-action (CTA) aren’t just seen, they’re remembered. Why we’re fans: Ahrefs isn’t shy about flaunting its success, incorporating various forms of social proof right on the homepage.

What Caught Our Admiration: The live ticker of new Ahrefs accounts shows the growing community of users who’ve leapt in just the past week.

#13. Ellevest 

homepage design - Ellevest 

“Your financial aspirations are as unique as you are.” This compelling statement immediately captivates visitors, piquing their curiosity about what Ellevest has to offer. Visually, the website doesn’t just tell you what they’re about; it shows you.

Images of a sleek mobile app, a dynamic pair of scales, and a handy calculator illustrate Ellevest’s promise: finance tools that adapt to your life on the go. 

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What Caught Our Admiration: What captures our admiration is the straightforward “Get Started” call-to-action button – a feature so effective, that we’ve adopted it right here at HubSpot. A simple click leads users through an intuitive process, laying the groundwork for their investment journey.

#14. CarMax 

homepage design - CarMax 

At the crossroads of innovation and user-centric homepage design, CarMax tackled a distinctive challenge. Serving a dual-purpose audience with needs as diverse as buying and selling cars, CarMax ingeniously bridges the gap.

Upon visiting their homepage, it’s clear they’ve hit the mark. With a clear, uncluttered layout, visitors are gently ushered with multiple Calls-to-Action (CTAs) that lead them seamlessly to either hunt for a new ride or bid farewell to their old companion.

What Caught Our Admiration: The attention to detail is unmistakable, particularly with the site’s hero image flaunting a custom CarMax license plate, subtly reinforcing the brand’s identity.

#15. Nine Lives Foundation

homepage design - Nine Lives Foundation

This gem of a website stands as a shining example for nonprofits everywhere. Nestled in the heart of California, the Nine Lives Foundation dedicates itself to the noble cause of cat and kitten adoption.

They greet you with the heartwarming promise of “finding homes for cats and kittens,” immediately clarifying their mission. Navigate through their site, and you’ll discover a plethora of engagement opportunities beyond mere adoption.

They offer insights on how to contribute, provide your purring companions with vaccinations, and extend invitations to volunteer.

What Caught Our Admiration: The strategic placement of multiple Calls to Action (CTAs) throughout their homepage, masterfully guiding visitors on how they can forge a meaningful connection with their noble cause. It’s a masterclass in how a nonprofit’s digital front door can welcome, educate, and engage visitors.

#16. Melyssa Griffin

homepage design - Melyssa Griffin

Step into the vibrant world of Melyssa Griffin, where expertise and personality blend seamlessly on her website.

With a welcoming portrait of Melyssa, visitors instantly feel a personal connection, dispelling the notion of an impersonal digital space.

Her site, a kaleidoscope of bright yet harmonious colours, lays out her business acumen in an easily digestible format.

What Caught Our Admiration: A clever, inviting quiz beckons visitors to uncover their money management style, ingeniously doubling as a lead-generation tool for Melyssa.

#17. thredUP

homepage design - thredUP

Crafting the perfect homepage for an eCommerce site is more art than science. Should it act as a grand introduction to your brand, spotlight your star product, or perhaps tempt visitors with a vast array of items and categories?

The key is balance and avoiding overload. thredUP masters this delicate balancing act with a homepage that shifts with the seasons.

What Caught Out Admiration: Currently, it’s all about boho chic – a trend that’s capturing the attention of women everywhere. A captivating custom graphic beckons with an array of boho styles, while the site’s navigation remains robust yet intuitive, guiding shoppers smoothly to their interests.

#18. Green Mountain Energy 

homepage design - Green Mountain Energy 

Diving into the world of vibrant custom visuals, Green Mountain Energy makes its mission crystal clear—delivering clean, sustainable energy at prices that don’t break the bank.

What Caught Our Admiration: With eye-catching CTAs designed for both the cosy homes and the bustling businesses, set against a backdrop of contrasting hues, it’s an invitation hard to resist.

#19. Abacus Plumbing

homepage design - Abacus Plumbing

Straying from the norm yet capturing our hearts, Abacus Plumbing presents a homepage that’s a masterclass in creating trust. While its busy layout might raise eyebrows, the strategic incorporation of social proofs — like the pronounced BBB accreditation seal, the tally of glowing reviews, and the assuring “You Can Count On Us” pledge — works wonders in instilling confidence.

What Caught Our Admiration: What sets it apart further is the promise that customers will know exactly who’s coming into their homes, thanks to the advanced sharing of technicians’ profiles. Opening your home to an Abacus technician feels less like a gamble and more like welcoming a trusted friend.

20. StudioPress 

homepage design - StudioPress 

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Dive into the world of StudioPress where simplicity meets innovation. The StudioPress homepage is a masterpiece crafted with minimalist elements, sleek flat homepage design illustrations, and a palette of soothing muted colours that immediately draw you in.

It’s like stepping into a realm where every detail is meticulously designed to not only please the eye but also to convey a clear and compelling message: “Build Amazing WordPress Sites.”

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What Caught Our Admiration: With just a glance, you’re not left guessing what StudioPress can do for you. And the cherry on top? You’re presented with three enticing calls to action, beckoning you to take the next step in your WordPress adventure. Choose your path and begin crafting something remarkable today.

#21. Colorsmith

homepage design - Colorsmith

Colorsmith makes a strong case for simplicity done right. With a clear headline that gets straight to the point – “custom hair colour for men”, it leaves no room for guesswork about what they offer.

website design banner

It’s a masterstroke in communication that cuts through the clutter, making the site instantly understandable.

Adding to its appeal is a captivating video placed just below the headline, showcasing real-life customers integrating Colorsmith products into their daily lives. This clever move not only engages visitors but also paints a vivid picture of potential user experiences.

What Caught Our Admiration: The clever, consistent placement of a single call-to-action button, “Craft My Color”, across the page. This strategic choice minimizes distractions and points visitors precisely where they need to go, simplifying the decision-making process.

#22. Rivers Smokehouse – Instant salivation

homepage design - Rivers Smokehouse - Instant salivation

That’s my immediate reaction when landing on the 4 Rivers Smokehouse website. The imagery is stunning, perfectly capturing the essence of their culinary delights, and the tagline “Family Owned. Locally Made.

Community Focused” immediately envelops you in the warmth of their brand ethos. A delightful scroll through their webpage not only gives you a glimpse into their delectable menu but also showcases the joy and satisfaction of their patrons.

What Caught Our Admiration: Tucked away at the footer is a gem—a succinct history of the establishment. This snippet enriches the narrative of 4 Rivers, fostering a closer connection with its clientele by highlighting its genuine, rooted presence in the community.

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