13 Most Used Conversion Rate Optimisation Tools in Singapore

Conversion Rate Optimisation Tools

When it comes to choosing software to help your conversion rate optimisation strategy, you can never run out of options.

The only problem of having an array of options is that you can find it challenging to find the one to suit your needs. Most of the tools are free to use, while a few require paid subscriptions.

Here are the best tools that you can use to do conversion rate optimisation.

A/B Tasty

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A/B Tasty is an excellent tool for increasing your website conversion rate. 

It leverages the powerful capabilities of AI technology to create and optimise the customer journey map. It is also useful in conducting A/B tests, which allows you to understand your audience better and create an effective optimisation strategy.

Adobe Analytics

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Analytics are crucial if you want success for your digital marketing in Singapore. Adobe Analytics allows you to track and measure the effectiveness of your content, engagement levels on your posts, and the sources of your traffic.  With this information, you can devise better ways to increase site conversion rate.

Convert Experiences

Convert Experiences fronts itself as a low-stress A/B testing tool that guarantees high returns. It assists marketers in making the most of web traffic by converting them into customers.

This tool is one of the few enterprise solutions that does not store personal data and is fully compliant with GDPR. It is also fast, and customer support is available throughout in case you experience any difficulties.  These features make Convert Experiences an invaluable addition to your conversion rate optimisation strategy.

Crazy Egg

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Crazy Egg is a popular conversion optimisation tool among marketers in Singapore. It offers a variety of resources to help you visualise how your traffic interacts with your website. These resources include heat maps, click maps, and scroll maps, and so on.  

Moreover, Crazy Egg’s A/B testing tool ensures that you implement data-backed strategies that will increase your revenue. Some of the elements you can test include content placement, colour scheme, and copy.

Decibel Insight

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Decibel Insight has a unique feature called the Digital Experience Score that measures experiences on apps and websites. It is useful if you want to increase your website conversion rate, and more impressively, it can predict conversion rates.

Decibel ranks the experience issues affecting your audience, allowing you to know what needs improvement. It also offers diagnostic tools such as heat maps, form analytics and session replays.

Several prominent brands use this tool to improve their conversions, including Tesco, PlayStation, and Lego.

Effective Experiments

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Effective Experiments takes charge of your testing and experimentation and allows you to focus on conversion rate optimisation solely. This tool will enable you to plan your experiments and visualise your ideas using shareable roadmaps.

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Another standout feature is its seamless integration with third-party website performance tools. Effective Experiments also supports one-click report generation. This ensures that you do not waste time putting together reports and focus on improving other areas of your business.

Google Analytics

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Google Analytics is the favourite tool for most marketers who engage in digital marketing in Singapore. The tool offers a comprehensive analytics solution that is suitable for all businesses, whether big or small.

The analytics feature measures various metrics that help you to understand the preferences of your audience. You can also use surveys to get fast and reliable opinions from your customers. There is also an optimisation feature that allows you to test variations of your apps and websites.

The best thing about Google Analytics is that it is free of charge.

Google PageSpeed Insights

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Page speed has a significant impact on your website conversion rate. If you have a slow website, people will abandon it for quicker alternatives, reducing the number of conversions. On the contrary, people are more likely to purchase your products if your website is fast.

Google PageSpeed Insights helps with conversion rate optimisation by making your site fast across all devices. It works by analysing the contents of webpages, identifying the bottlenecks, and delivering suggestions on how to improve loading speeds. Similar to Google Analytics, it is free to use.


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Hotjar is a comprehensive website performance analysis tool that has all features that a marketer needs. These features include funnel tracking, heat maps, session replays, and triggered polls, and so on.

Concerning conversion rate optimisation, Hotjar heat maps highlight the areas on your website that get most clicks. You can use this information to guide you in improving conversions. For instance, you could place a call-to-action button on the areas that get the most activity. The heat maps collect anonymised data, meaning that you get insights into user behaviour without compromising their privacy.

Hotjar is entirely free to use.


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HubSpot offers a marketing automation platform that enables you to build a comprehensive inbound marketing funnel on your website. It also supports A/B testing of various elements on your website and allows you to deploy personalised content for improved conversion rate optimisation.

It also integrates effortlessly with other HubSpot platforms such as HubSpot CRM, which allows you to track customers. When you know how customers interact with your brand, you can easily see the impact that your marketing campaigns have on your business.

Lucky Orange

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If you want to see the actions taken by users who leave your site without converting, you should try out Lucky Orange.

The main dashboard allows you to see how many people are browsing your site in real-time and how they found your site. You can also use the comparing tool to see the performance of keywords, posts and other content over a specified period.

Lucky Orange generates heat maps that show you how users interact with your website. You can segment the heat map data by date, device, location, and many other metrics.

It also has a conversion funnel that enables you to see where people are abandoning a process on your website, such as checking out or signing up for a service.

Survey Monkey

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Conducting surveys is essential for conversion rate optimisation. On the internet, very few tools can rival the efficiency of Survey Monkey when it comes to creating surveys.

It is simple enough for a beginner to use, but its features are powerful enough to meet the needs of an experienced professional. Every day, 20 million questions are answered on the Survey Monkey platform.


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WebPageTest allows you to run website speed tests from multiple locations around the world using browsers such as Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome. This way, you see what the user experiences when they are trying to access your website.

You can run simple tests or conduct advanced tests such as multi-step transactions, content blocking, video capture, and so forth. The tool will then generate a comprehensive report showing suggestions on where to improve.

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Conversion rate optimisation is crucial to the success of any business. When you make adjustments to your site to increase conversions, you generate more sales and grow your brand.

Investing in a CRO automation tool makes the process easier and faster. It also allows you to focus your efforts on other areas of your business.

Keep in mind that every tool in this business has its strengths and shortcomings, so it is advisable to use them in a combination. Get in touch with us for professional digital marketing services in Singapore. 

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