12 Ways to Make a Responsive Website Faster in Singapore

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Responsive web designs have ruled the websites for the past few years. It has transformed the way business establish their online presence. A professional web design agency will explain to you that a responsive website adapts itself to the user’s behavior and device being used, which is mainly concerned with the screen size, the platform, and the orientation.

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Hence, a responsive website must be able to present itself unchanged even if the user switches from an iPhone to an android phone. In this way, viewers from every corner possessing any kind of electronic device will be able to contribute to the number of views list.

Though the responsive design was introduced in 2010, it was recommended from 2015 onwards. There have been a lot of updates to the web design since then, which also contributed to the great importance of having one. Here is a quick note on why is a responsive website is so crucial in the present scenario:

  • Increased traffic: Most of the search engine users use mobile devices, and if your website is not a responsive one, then perhaps you are missing on something substantial. Once the mobile viewers find your site useful and helpful, then they are definitely going to search for you several more times to use the services offered by your organization.
  • Cost effective: When you own one firm and operate two websites for two different types of viewers, then it is definitely going to cost a lot more than when you operate a single website.
  • User experience: A responsive website provides a seamless user experience no matter what kind of device you are using. This helps new users to access your website with complete convenience and enhance the overall image of your business organization. It is essential to remember that your website is representative of your business.
  • Search engine optimization: A responsive website has more chances of getting higher ranks in SERPs due to its user-friendliness and good quality experience. The viewers stick to your services for a longer time.
  • Low bounce rates: A well optimized and responsive mobile website offer much more than better user experience; it lowers your bounce rate. If you fail to provide a responsive website, it is harder to keep your visitors engaged, which increases the bounce rate.
  • High conversion rate: Lowering the bounce rate is just winning half of the battle. Consistent user experience across every device is the ultimate key to convert new viewers. A secure website with a professional appearance makes the users less frustrated, and the chances of converting them are high.

responsive website

These pointers will definitely make you realize the need to shift to a responsive website. But the next question is, how you can make a responsive website? So here are another set of pointers to help you own a responsive website:

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  1. Understand the foundation: The first and foremost thing is to understand the foundation and know how creating layout works. It uses twelve columns to define the width of each section, so write the code accordingly. Website layout plays an important role, and so does the number of rows and columns.
  2. Lay out the foundation: Use your favorite text editor to create a file named index.html and write the codes according to the web page you aim to create.
  3. Add content: This is the most crucial step since the content is a unique part of any website. Add the content, the images, and choose a well-suited background for you. Walla! Your responsive website is ready.

Now that you know how to build your own responsive website here are some tips to help you make it faster and easier:

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Use Only the Essential Elements

When you use only the essential elements your file size is reduced automatically which in turn help to load your web page faster, and the viewers don’t have to wait for a long time.

Customize your Package

 Customizing the downloadable package helps to make your responsive website faster. For this, you need to choose to generate small individual JavaScript files and the general base CSS.

Simple and Minimal

Opt for lightweight file sizes. They help in keeping your website simple, minimal, and lightweight.

Images and Visuals

Adding images and visuals are the two primary website design fundamentals that will definitely to boost the performance of your website. But remember to add images which do not have a huge file size.

Set a Performance Budget

Setting a financial budget is essential, but here we are talking about limiting your file size. Make sure you prepare a budget of file size and optimize your recently added one to fit them into the budget.

If you feel that adding a new element will exceed your budget, then you need to make a decision to optimize the existing feature to make it less complex and faster. Either remove the existing feature or avoid adding the new feature.

Enable Compression

Compress your resources by reducing the number of bytes a page is sending across a network. This will enable users to get easy and faster access to your website. You should also lessen the CSS and JavaScript by removing the white space and lines that appear unnecessary. This helps in reducing the file size and increasing the speed at which they are downloaded.

Pick the Right Hosting Solution

You would have come across a plethora of hosting solutions offering an array of benefits, but it is important that you make the right decision. Opt for the hosting solution that is both value for money and efficient for your users’ needs and demands.

Use a Content Delivery network

A content delivery network is a network that promotes the content of your website by reaching out to various users.  The most popular content delivery networks are Cloudflare and MaxCDN, which are really affordable starter plans.

Open Search

Many search engines have updated an open search facility to enhance the user experience while they visit your site. This has also contributed to the fast loading of your web page.

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In this era of competition, it is important that you provide a new and unique experience to the users so that they get back to you instead of rummaging around the internet. 

By following the above set guidelines, your responsive website will definitely be optimized for performance and will surely provide you with a great experience. Get in touch for custom responsive website design services in Singapore. 

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