12 Proven Remarketing Tactics for the Successful Singapore Marketer

Remarketing, also known as retargeting is a powerful online marketing strategy that one can use to boost website traffic and conversion rate. It entails tagging your main website landing pages to give cookies to the visitors. You can display custom tailored ads to specific prospects based on the pages they visit on your site. The ads follow them throughout the advertising network.

Here are tactics and tests that you can use to improve your next remarketing campaigns.

Consider Which Pages you are Tagging

The success of your remarketing campaign is dependent on the specific website pages that you tag regardless of whether you are targeting AdWords Remarketing code, Google Analytics remarketing code or any other third party remarketing tool.

For example, if you want your company to generate 40% more leads within 60 day period, you may tag bounced visitors from three of your most performing lead generation landing pages. Alternatively, if you want to increase sales by 5%, you can tag pages with your best selling products.

Divide your Remarketing Campaigns

You should desist from assuming that the needs of all your website visitors are the same. Segment or split your remarketing campaign to address the specific requirements and expectations of your customers. Here are some of the factors that you can use to segment your campaign.

  • Amount of time a visitor spent on the website?
  • How many pages were viewed?
  • What pages were visited?

For more sales funnel success, you should create CTA for each segmented ad group with links to the related website pages. Be sure to monitor the conversion rate to know if you need to tweak the strategy.

Create Multiple Ads sizes With Matching Content and Images

Creating multiple ad sizes with matching images and content will help to target different groups of potential customers. Doing so will make sure that your ads are included in Google Ad network site. Concisely, optimizing your message reach will give you an opportunity to follow your website visitor in more than one trafficked sites.

Bid More on Conversion and Shopping Cart Abandons

You can tell that a particular website visitor is interested in your products based on the particular landing pages that they visit. Focusing on prospects that leave your site after accessing the shopping car or watching the webinar will increase your chances of your remarketing campaign been successful.

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Remind them to come back to the site and complete the conversion process. You should also consider tweaking your remarketing bid strategy to allocate more resources to the warmer traffic.

Bid Less on Non-Converting Page Visitors

Lower your budget on bounced traffic from non-converting pages such as the general information pages. If the website visitor is still trying to get familiar with your brand, you can try to convince them to come back and make a purchase, but there are not worthy much to your company.

The rule of thumb is that you should spend less on visitors who are just familiarizing themselves with your company and are yet to show buying intent to lower your cost and boost ROI.

Repeat Product Page Viewers and Repeat Customers with Coupons

Offering incentives such as discounts and coupons to repeat customers, as well as potential clients, who repeatedly view your product page, will most likely motivate them to place an order. This is based on the fact that someone who frequents your online store and clicks on individual products is probably interested in making a purchase.

Targeting such prospects with special offers will also boost brand awareness. For example, if a visitor clicks on your home page, views the about us page then takes time to go through your product pages, remarket to them by offering (say) 30% off your first purchase.

Focus on Empowering Rather Than Just Selling

If you are already enjoying high traffic, you can generate more revenue by leveraging remarketing to increase the number of clicks on non-lead generating landing pages. The main focus as you do so is educating the bounced traffic about your brand, products, and how you can help resolve their problems.

By directing a potential customer to a page filled with valuable information and not requesting them to do anything in return, you will enhance your brand awareness and at the same time nurture lost leads. In most cases, this technique results in a higher cost sale and more loyal customers.

Leverage Google Remarketing Member Duration

Determine the amount of time that you spend on remarketing campaigns. Ideally, the amount of time that you spend following a prospect will depend on your niche.

Currently, Google by default offers three months which is great if your goal is to foster brand awareness or have long sales funnel. If you have a short sales funnel, it is advisable to limit the duration to just 30 days.

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Google Remarketing Frequency Capping

Remarketing frequency refers to the number of times that the ad is displayed to the target audience in a day, month, or even week. Bombarding the target with the ads will most likely deter them from making a purchase. Create a frequency cap that does not annoy the audience but instead increase your brand awareness.

If your goal is to develop leads and relationships with customers, the frequency should be low, and the ads should be displayed for extended periods. On the other hand, if you own an online retail shop promoting a limited time offer, the ad should be displayed more frequently.

Target Non-Converting Targets by Changing your Ad Message

Target website visitors who do not convert by changing your ad message or content. For example, if you run a remarketing campaign for 60 days. You are offering a 30% discount to first-time customers but after one week; you notice a drop in CTRs. It is possible that your market has become fatigued with the seeing same ad. Breath life to your campaign by coming up with a new message and ad design. While there, change the CTA message as well as the images to get the most results.

Remarket to Customers Who Have Already Purchased

Most Singapore digital marketing agencies excluding customers who already purchased their remarketing campaigns which if fine. However, it is not always the ideal way to boost brand awareness and get repeat customers.

Singapore digital marketing gurus are of the idea of creating post-conversion landing pages to remarketing to existing customers. The frequency of ads should be low, and the campaign should run for extended periods.

Test Your Remarketing Strategies Continuously

Carry our regular A/B tests regularly to know if your remarketing strategies are working. Monitor the conversions, CTRs, and views. The information you gather will help you to get maximum ROI from the campaign without exceeding your budget. Sometimes, small changes to your ads can triple conversions.


Take your business to the next level of success by using these tested and proven remarketing tactics.



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