11 Great UX Tips for Website Landing Pages in Singapore


Website landing pages are designed to motivate visitors to take the desired action. Whether you are looking to get more subscribers for your newsletter or an upcoming webinar, the goal is to replenish the number of leads. Unlike popular belief, a landing page is not the same as a homepage. 

The homepage usually shows an overview of the business with links to other pages, while a landing page has fewer links and contains the primary CTA. However, for some companies, the homepage and landing page could be the same.

With that said, UX is the most crucial part when designing landing pages. In this article, we look at actionable tips of optimising your landing pages UX for improved conversion rates.

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Website Landing Page Structure

To improve the landing pages UX, you must do a competitor analysis and identify some of the best practices used in your industry. After looking at hundreds of website landing pages, we have identified common features that will help improve user experience and thus increasing your conversion rate. They include:

White Space

The use of white space eases the strain on the visitors’ eyes. Some of the top websites in Singapore uses white space to offer breathing room to the users to read the content with ease. Proper use of white space increases visual hierarchy and content readability.

Few Links

The goal of optimising website landing pages is to capture leads. For this reason, you do not want to distract the visitors with too many links that will distract them away from clicking on the CTA button. If you have a homepage masquerading as a landing page, you need to reduce the number of links to increase the chances of the user taking action.

However, an effective landing page must have at least one clear CTA and very few outbound links to other pages. 

Turn Your Main Business Goal into A CTA

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Most marketers have a desire to achieve so much in half the time. However, subjecting your visitors to too much information will make them feel confused, and this can increase the bounce rate. When you get around to the lading pages UX design, think long and hard about your primary business goal.

This could include everything from getting people to download your e-book, to buying into a new product, getting betta testers, or increasing the number of newsletter subscribers. Whichever the goal, turn it into the CTA. Moreover, you will be able to have a consistent message across your website landing pages. 

Brief, Concise, and Catchy Copy

One mistake that most Singapore websites make is to go overboard with a salesy copy on their landing pages. The content around the CTA should lead the visitor into taking action. 

This means that the content should be brief, concise, and straight to the point. You can include extra content after the main CTA button but be sure to add another CTA at the bottom. 

For the copy, ensure that you mention the main benefit in the headline. However, the content should be short, eye-catching, and well-targeted. Moreover, the headline ought to be written from the user’s point of view.

To better improve the authority of your copy, ensure that you add data and statistics. The tick with these tips is to show the information visually in terms of numbers, percentages, charts, or graphs. This will help them in scanning for the important parts, and it could be one of the ways of gaining your visitors’ trust.

Establish Trust

The modern customer is looking for brands they can trust. One of the best ways of establishing trust is by adding testimonials, a demo gif, social proof, screenshots, and more. These website UX design elements will also improve your website’s domain authority.

Another great way of establishing trust is by demonstrating how your product or service works. One of the ways of showing the ease of use and product functionality is by using hero images, which are also called header images.

The hero image is a full-width image found above the fold and serves as the headline’s background. It could also include a CTA button and a short description. 


Images are a great way to break the monotony of text. If you want to add them to your website landing pages, ensure that they are relevant to the product or service that you are offering. 

Instead of simple and generic images, you could use the logos of reputable brands that you have worked with in the past, which could be partners as well as clients. You should also think about where industry trendsetters have featured your brand. 

This will provide the necessary visual cues that you are a trustworthy company in Singapore. 

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Define the What, Why, and How

These are the three questions you should strive to answer to improve the website landing pages UX. 

  •          ‘What’ describes the offering that solutions to the user’s pain points as well as the benefits
  •          ‘Why’ alludes to why the user should choose you, which involves the use of personal stories of how your offering has helped other people
  •          ‘How’ alludes to the process that you will use to solve the user’s pain points
  • The rule of thumb with this point is that you should avoid using language that does not resonate with your audience. 

Use Unique Layouts and Graphics

Most brands in a niche industry tend to copy each other, and these leaves them having similar websites. This ranges from the graphics used to the layout of the website landing pages. As much as you want to stick to the industry standards, you could be compromising your landing page and website UX. 

Using unique layouts and graphics will help you stand out. Unless you are a professional website UX designer, then you should hire a professional to make the changes to your website landing pages. 

Make Contact Easy

Your website landing pages should also offer customer services to the visitors. This is possible in a variety of ways, either through a live chat bubble, email, or a direct call button.

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The most important thing is that the visitors can see and access the contact option. You could think about incorporating the website live chat feature manned by a chatbot.

Repeat the CTA at the Bottom of the Page

The chances are that you have visitors who will scroll to the bottom of the page. Repeating the CTA in different sections of the website landing pages is a widely used marketing technique. The first CTA ought to have a headline, a short description, and a recognisable button at the top of the page.

Most marketers tend to use a single CTA in the sticky header since it will stay visible even when the visitor scrolls down the page. However, if you have a long scroll page, it is advisable if you repeat the CTA at different sections of the page including the bottom. 

Viewers who click the CTA at the top of the page are different from those who click the CTA at the bottom of the page. All that matters is you understand the level of each user in the sales funnel and optimise the CTA button effectively.


Website landing pages are crucial for increasing the number of leads and the conversion rate. However, website UX design plays a significant role in this, and we recommend that you hire a professional landing pages UX designer. 


Contact us today for custom website design services in Singapore. Our support team is on hand to answer your questions and offer a free and non-obligatory quote. 


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