10 Ways to Generate More Leads through Email Marketing


If you’re looking for a lead generation strategy that won’t cost you an arm and a leg or require you to take a nano degree, then look no further than the humble, yet effective email marketing. This is a lead generation strategy that no marketer worth their salt would want to miss in their marketing arsenal.

To understand how much of an invaluable asset email marketing really is – you must first understand how popular emails are. In rough estimates, how many emails do you reckon people send in a day?

Is it 10 million or 100 millions? Not really, we’re talking about an average of 290 billion emails – sent every day. Those are a lot of emails and one reason you wouldn’t want to ignore the value of email marketing where leads are concerned.

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Email marketing is also one of the cheapest marketing strategies you’ll ever come across. It may be a little bit more expensive, depending on the audience that you’re targeting. But on average, a recent report reveals that for every $1 of email marketing investment that you make, you’re likely to generate about $44.25 in returns.

Email marketing is also ranked atop as one of the truest lead generation strategy. Social media might be threatening to oust it, but it sure still holds a formidable track record that’s hard to beat.

So how do you use it to ramp up the number of leads your site is generating?

Simple – read on to find out:

Don’t send an email without the recipient’s permission

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The worst mistake you can ever do is to crawl into someone’s email inbox without their permission. This person doesn’t know if you even exist, and then for some strange reasons, they receive a new email from you. The least that could happen to you is being marked as a creep and being thrown into the spam box.

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Before launching the email marketing campaign, you have to find a way to ask them for permission before sending them any email. There should be some form or blog that you can get them to enter their email address as the green light to start sending them promotional materials.

You should also consider adding a confirmation button or link in the emails that you send that they can use to confirm that they’re open in case you want to stay in touch. That’s also a good sign that you might actually get them to take action if you pull your cards right.

Offer them something they can’t resist?

Nobody wants to read your email if it’s offering the same information that they can easily find online with some little bit of research. Your recipient will look at it and delete it immediately, making you waste a valuable moment of your life.

So why not throw in some value by offering something your prospects will never resist. This can be anything. A free eBook you wrote, some discount, or an exclusive offer. Let your creativity fly and figure out something. If you can convince the prospects that you have something valuable waiting for them on the other end, then it shouldn’t be that hard on your part to convince them to sign up with you or confirm their email.

Don’t be too quick to include their names while personalising the emails

A majority of self-proclaimed marketing gurus talk about personalising the emails they sent. This is a common strategy that could work if used right.

Howeveeer, try imagining a scenario where a new user just signed up with you, and the next thing you’re doing is referring to them by their names. It only goes to show that you’re a fake.

So why not take everything slow and give yourself time to breed some familiarity with your prospects before you can start referring to them by name. Just focus on tailoring your content to match their interests and needs. Do this for the first few emails that you send before you can start addressing them on a more personal level by siding in their names.

Don’t promote more than three products in the emails that you send

Retail shops tend to suffer the most from this. You find that a retail shop has hundreds of products in their pipeline and they want to promote all of them at the same time. That’s a blatant waste of opportunity.

Your prospects have short attention spans. One thing you can be sure of is that they won’t remember your products. As a matter of fact, you’d be lucky if they remembered one, just one.

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So instead of bombarding them with an endless list of products, why not pick three and focus entirely on them in every single one of the emails that you send. That way you can be sure they’ll at least remember one of them.

This will also help you to clear the confusion that you’re likely to create through the emails that you send.

Have a Regular Newsletter

A regular newsletter will help you improve the results you generate through email marketing by a significant amount. You don’t have to be in the news industry to pull this off. If anything, you have an option to send how-to tips or articles that are related to the field you operate in.

In which case, you have two ways with which you can benefit from this. One is establishing yourself as some real authority within your industry. This is likely to be the case if you’ll be offering high-quality articles. It’s also what you need to get your target audience to trust you even more.

Two, you need this to keep your brand fresh in your prospect’s mind. You want them to remember your business and portfolio. And regular newsletters (the weekly one preferably) offer you the much-needed opportunity to do this.

Figure out the Right Time to send the emails

You don’t just shoot your emails without doing some little bit of research and analysis. You have to find out what time of the day does the emails generate the most clicks. Ditto for what day of the week.

At first, consider sending the emails at different times of the day, as well as different days of the week, as you weigh on the reactions it generates. Keep track of the responses you’re getting. And from this, you should be able to figure out what’s the most appropriate time of day to send the emails.

That’s the time you’ll be scheduling the emails unless something happens that prompts you to reschedule everything.

Be Succinct with your Emails

Be very keen on the length of the emails that you send. Unless you’re sure the bulk of the people that are checking you out are bibliophiles who enjoy reading, don’t make your emails too long.

Learn to keep your emails short and straight to the point. Cut off all the unnecessary fluff and banter and hit on the main point. This should be able to entice your prospects to read through your content.

Keep in mind that the bulk of your prospects have busy schedules. They can only spare a minute or two of their valuable time to check you out. So anything that flies past that is bound to put them off early on.

Stick to what’s relevant. And should a prospect need more elaboration from you, the least they could do is contact you.

Don’t Treat the Subject Line as an Afterthought

Even more important than the emails that you send are the subject lines that you use. If anything, it’s the subject line that entices the bulk of your readers to click through your email and read it. You can create an amazing email, but you have to make sure that the subject line is catchy enough for them to want to click through it and read your email.

Find a way to make the subject line intriguing enough. Just be cautious enough not to go overboard with it and come off as silly. In other words, the emails that you send must appeal to your target audience in a manner that they’ll have a hard time resisting it in the first place.

Optimise the Emails for Mobile

There’s a fair chance the bulk of the readers you’ll be attracting will be reading your emails on mobile devices. So you must make sure your email template has been optimised well enough for mobile.

A good chunk of these readers will be reading your email via smartphones. A few will be doing it on tablets. Only a small section of the readers will be viewing it on desktops. In which case, you might want to make sure that your email messages read correctly on mobile, just like they read on desktop.

You have to make sure that the emails are delivered in full across devices, and that all the social buttons you’ve integrated into the email template appear as they should.

Remember to include a link to your landing page

This is the most crucial aspect of your marketing campaign. You want your prospects to take action. So give them a link that directs them to a page directing them through the steps.

You want to trigger conversions. Get the bulk of your readers to take action. So the most logical thing would be to take advantage of this opportunity and guide them through the buying process while their desire is still warm. U

The Final Thought

There it goes – 10 life-changing pointers to grow your leads through email marketing. As you can see, everything on the list is a doddle to implement. And they’re bound to generate results if followed to the letter.

Here’s your chance to take advantage of this simple, easy-to-implement email marketing strategies. You could also talk to us about your project. With that said, we invite you to shoot us a message at MediaOne Marketing and let’s talk.



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