10 Ways to Get Sales Via Social Media in Singapore

sales using social media singapore

Digital marketing is on the rise in Singapore, and there are no signs of slowing. More and more companies and businesses are getting into online marketing, and this is definitely the future of conducting businesses. Social media provides the biggest platform for businesses to reach their target customers. Majority of Singaporeans are making purchases via social networks including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. Through social media platforms, businesses can interact with customers, convert leads and more certainly get sales. How do you increase your sales through social media marketing? This article goes through 10 ways to get sales via social media in Singapore.

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  1. Develop Your Credibility

Your business company may have a perfect repute, but that does not mean you have one. Social media provides you with a platform for you to develop personal credibility. You need to build a strong foundation of a good reputation on the basis of your brand. This is through each post or comment you put in Facebook, tweets or LinkedIn. These will provide an abundant record of your authenticity in your business industry. More so, you will have a chance to show your knowledge and understanding of the industry to potential customers. Make continuous efforts in uploading and sharing valuable blogs about your business industry, try and solve problems put forward by your target audience and add wise insights to your prospects conversations. This way, people will start sharing and re-sharing your fantastic insights, tag you on their posts or even begin conversing with you. The main thing here is building trust and credibility on yourself as a personal branding in the industry. With excellent social media credibility, you are sure of making more sales. LinkedIn is a perfect platform to create and publish articles about your industry. Endorse others and request for recommendations. You want to have conversations about you.

  1. Create The Best Image

Similar to the actual world, your image is vital in online marketing. Prospective clients look at your profile image on social media platforms as the first thing. A professional, good impression image earns you extra marks to your prospects in deciding whether to make sales with you. Avoid an image that is too stale because you are aiming for a friendly and trustworthy look. Your social media account bio should be written in the first person and ensure it includes everything in terms of the elevator pitch, greetings and handshake. Your contact information should be indicated for your prospects. Indicating multiple prospects is more ideal. Social networks like LinkedIn have more space in the summary part. In such cases, write a story about you indicating reasons why you make sales on social networks and ways in which you are of help to your prospects. Use a headline phrase to explain how you help your customers. Additionally, you can use endorsements from your colleagues, employees and clients to show your expertise and abilities. These will be highlighted on your LinkedIn profile.

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  1. Look at Your Prospect Customers Valuable Conversations

To make sales via social media networks, you first need to understand your potential and existing customer’s needs appropriately. This can only be achieved through listening to them through their relevant conversations on social media networks. See what your target audience is saying about your business industry. Check on the customer’s encounters on your brand. They may be forwarding their frustrations about your products and services or mentioning areas that they feel needs to be improved. This way, you can make use of this knowledge by addressing the problems and giving solutions to those issues. Moreover, you should monitor other relevant conversations in social media to improve your online sales. Check the conversations around your business competitors and what the audience is saying about them. You should also listen to what they are saying in general about the industry. You should then try and take care of those issues on your online marketing. Use social media analytics to modify your marketing contents with your potential customers. Utilise the relevant blog posts shared in conversations to build high-quality content that will make you unique from other businesses. Try and establish the connections that exist between you and your prospective clients. You can then use these links to get to your target audience instead of going to them alone. Social media tools such as Sprout is useful in monitoring conversations about your industry, competitors and brand.

  1. Analyse Your Existing Social Media Sales Strategy Results

The perfect way of improving your sales on social media is getting insights from your existing social strategy. You should analyse your efforts to check the effective strategy and those that are not. According to your analysis, you will identify that which you need to improve on and what you should do differently. Social media referrals are crucial in establishing your social media insights. Tools such as Leadfeeder may be of enormous importance in monitoring website pages that are being viewed by your social media visitors and the platforms that they are coming from. The insights will help identify the marketing contents that they are most interested in. With this, you will be able to produce the relevant content that pleases them for higher conversions.

  1. Engage in Valuable LinkedIn Groups

One of the significant sources of prospects for most companies is LinkedIn groups. You need to search relevant groups, make a joining request and start interacting with members after you are accepted in the group. The aim is to develop a relationship with the audience who are more of potential customers. Share valuable content and expertise about the industry, and interact with the members by asking appropriate questions. The relationships established via LinkedIn groups with potential clients are nurtured for lead conversions. According to their conversations, you can post about relevant products from your business which will have increased chances of making sales. Use relevant keywords about your products, services and industry to search for LinkedIn groups that you are interested in. You will input the keywords in the LinkedIn search window and filter to get only group results.

  1. Provide Valuable Contributions Constantly

The time commitment is essential in social media. If you want to make more sales on social media platforms, you need to be dedicated and consistent. After you have identified your prospects and started following them on social platforms, you should provide relevant and valuable information regularly. Every social media post, comments and tweets have huge significance. You hence do not want to go offline for weeks as abandoning your social account means carelessness. You can ensure that you remain active by offering solutions, sharing your expertise, following business influencers, using relevant twitter hashtags and staying focused on potential clients. By doing these, you will remain up to date and enable you to target your audience more effectively. If you are inconsistent, you will suffer repercussions of being blocked, unfollowed or ignored. Am sure this is not what you want.

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  1. Search Your Customer Prospects

Getting sales via social networks entails having proper knowledge about your target customers. You want to identify the customer prospects who are more likely to close into your sales. For you to get your prospects, you need to search where your potential customers converse about the problems they are having. Are they found on twitter chats, LinkedIn groups or Facebook groups? Get to these platforms, pay attention to their interactions and engage with them. Different from Facebook or LinkedIn, Twitter has a lower entry barrier and a more enhanced search function. You can follow anyone without having to approve your request as is the case with Facebook and LinkedIn. Twitter chat schedule tool is useful in finding twitter conversations that are trending. Look at the relevant chats about your business industry, participate in them and begin following the customer prospects. Additionally, Twitter hashtags are very popular. Make use of hashtags by searching those that are specific to your industry. Use specific keywords to search for Facebook and LinkedIn groups that are mainly about your industry. Join the groups where your prospects participate and engage with them.

  1. Cherish Your Prospects

Social media marketing does not necessarily mean appealing all the users by creating your content or uploading generalised tips on your news feed. Your primary focus is on your prospects. You want to give them relevant and up to date information by monitoring the content being shared and talked about by others. When having social conversations online, you should take note of existing issues, listen and respond. More so, you need to cherish your prospects by liking their posts and leaving comments. Ensure that you reply to people who are trying to contact you or give insights and expertise on their queries to prove that you listen to them. Another best strategy to show gratitude to your potential customers is sharing or reposting their valuable content. When doing this, make sure to thank or tag them in your repost. Nurturing your prospects builds a close relationship between both of you creating a friendly environment to get more sales.

  1. Respond to Clients Complaints

Getting social media sales is not only about having massive marketing strategies for promoting your online business. Instead, you also need to boost your business through social network behaviour. Being responsive to your customers is one of the main aspects of social behaviour. You need to efficiently answer back to the complaints forwarded by your existing and potential customers on social networks. This way, you are sure of promoting your business branding as most online users value excellent customer service. According to statistics, the average reply time is about ten hours while consumers anticipate a reply within five minutes. Having fast responses will give you extra marks from your prospects and positively influence your social media sales. Other than retaining existing clients, being responsive will earn you new potential clients. Excellent customer service and responsiveness in social media are perfect ways to get sales via social media in Singapore.

  1. Build Trust by Sharing Success Stories

One of the hardest things in social media is earning the trust of your target audience. Emphasising your products remarkable features and boasting of brilliant services that you provide are just claims. They are not enough to convince your potential clients that what you are saying is true. You need to need to use social media to share real proof and experiences through success stories to act as a backup for your claims. You want to get trust from your prospects for them to be confident in making a purchase. Reviews and success stories from existing customers are perfect in building trust. Share the links of success stories published on your business website via your social media accounts. Alternatively, you can use custom images of customers or your business brand logo and a summarised story of what you helped them achieve. Carry out complete customer interviews and share them on social media platforms. The apparent results of sharing success stories and reviews are more leads conversions. Your customer prospects become impressed with the results attained by other people and become more interested in making sales. You can even request your customers to make reviews on your Facebook business page. Your star ratings will be exhibited at the top of your business Facebook page. By clicking on these star ratings, your prospective customers will see all your business reviews made by existing customers.


Conducting your business through social media is moving from an option to a necessity in Singapore. Most of your target audience is available on social media where they are searching for products and services to purchase. These ten tactics will help you market your business through social media effectively. The tips will increase your customer engagement which will create more loyal clients as well as upsurge conversions. By perfectly combining these tactics, you will get the most out of your social media marketing. Take a step today and build a social media sales strategy to put these tips into good use.


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