10 Reasons Why You Need A Live Chat For Your Singapore Website

livechat app for your singapore website

Once a strange tool reserved for the biggest of businesses, chat bots have increasingly become commonplace. These live chat tools embedded into your website is a proven tool for engaging, supporting and educating your customers.

Chat bots enhance customer experience, cuts off unnecessary costs of phone calls and extensive mailing lists, allows you address immediate pain points, and gives your entire sales and marketing process a jumpstart. Indeed, live chat software makes conducting business with clients super easy.

Per HubSpot, 82% of consumers consider an “immediate” response when they have a sales question as crucial to their sales decision making. Likewise, 38% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase, and 63% more likely to return if you offer a live chat system. Therefore, if you aren’t doing it already, it’s time you get a live chat system integrated into your website.

Thankfully, many chat software are easy to integrate with your website, even if your website runs on a CRM database.

As it turns out – in addition to being an effective tool for engaging, educating and supporting your customers, chat bots are actually a great sales and marketing tool. A recent Zendesk shows that majority of online visitors prefer chatting via an instant messenger of live chat over any other form of communication – but only when used in a less annoying manner, like the constant pop ups people are quick to close all the time.

Next to phone calls, live chats are one of the most common ways people connect with businesses. That’s besides being the fastest communication channel – with 37% of all web owners adopting it. The rate is even higher when social networks live chats, particularly Facebook and Twitter, are also placed in consideration.

In a different survey, about 34% of respondents in e-commerce were reported to use live chats; with 65% of their online visitors being receptive to invited chats.

Goes on to show that live chats are fast-emerging as one of the most popular and preferred channels for online communication, and which would eventually end up displacing social networks and emails. This should clue you in on the possible reasons Facebook didn’t have second thoughts shelling out a whooping $19 billion for a chat messaging app.

That being said, here are all the possible ways and their corresponding reasons live chats can help improve your business:  

Enhances Customer experience

Some live chat software are designed to provide a detailed report, conversation summaries, and a full transcript of the interactions you have through their chat bots. You can always revisit their transcripts for reference on how best you can improve your business.

With the transcript, it’s easy to dig in the trenches for consumer insights and patterns. You get to see what your prospects are saying about your products and services. Find out the kind of questions they like asking about most. Or what information they’re most interested in or if they’re satisfied with the kind of services they receive from you. Lastly, it lets you in on the complaints they have instead of being left in the dark.

The questions you’re asked through the chat app can also help you come up with a list of Frequently Asked Questions for your website. This makes it possible to answer question even before you’re asked, which helps to save on time and enhance user experience.

Drives Leads

In a recent Forbes report, about 71% of all the possible leads companies get go to waste. With live chats, you can save your company from being part of the equation.

You can direct the conversation any way you want it to go and even use the information you get to improve your business.

You’re NOT limited as to the type of information you can fish out from your prospects through the bot. From consumers’ interest and contact information, core to the benefits you can get from using the feature is lead generation. All you have to do is keep your followers engaged and interested, and thereafter use their email addresses to add them to your promotion list.

Loyalty and Improved Customer Service  

Live chats are reported to have the highest level of customer satisfaction, followed by traditional phone calls and email support.

It’s also ranked as the communication channel with the highest number of returning customers. In the study, customers were reported to be more confident and trustful of companies that offer free, hassle-free and instantaneous customer support.

With live chat, customers are free to receive the support they need, whenever they need them without undergoing any major hassle likely to them off.

Live chat Cuts on Unnecessary Expenses

Live chats are easy to manage and less time consuming compared to phone calls and emails. They’re also cheap and more affordable compared to other channels of communication.

No contact center costs, and will therefore have a reduced interaction costs. You also get to handle numerous chats all at once; hence a higher efficiency considering you won’t be hiring many representatives to help you out.

It’s possible to get your employees to multitask by also doubling as your chat representative whenever they’re at work and a message pops up. Works even better if you attend to a higher number of prospects in a day; instead of keeping them waiting in queue, you can ask the other employees to help you out and speed up the interactions.

Double as a Sales and Marketing Tool

Live chats can lead to significant increases in the number of sales you make – that’s according to a recent study conducted by Forbes.

A renowned company cashing in on this is Wells Fargo. In 2008, if you can clearly remember, the company decided to put live chats into good use, and the results they got were more than impressive – double digit increases in converts, higher customer satisfaction score, and colossal profits to mention the obvious.

The point is live chats allow you to walk your customers through your services on a personal level. You get to weight their reactions amid the interaction and calibrate accordingly until you’re able to break a sale from them.

A Competitive Edge over Your Competitors

Many retail businesses are badly informed about live chats. As a matter of fact, most of them just don’t see the value of adding one to their websites.

You can take advantage of this simple fact by installing one on your website and start connecting with them on a one-on-one basis.

Out of every 10 live chats you have, there’s a huge possibility 2 of them may decide to go ahead and make a purchase with you. Make good use of that before your competitors learn about its value and take a jump on you.  

An Effective Way to address Pain Points  

Pain points are the frustration your customers have, and which are yet to be addressed. For a business person, pain points come as a good business opportunity.

You can even write great content about them or come up with a working plan to convert them into sales. And one way to do that is through live chats.

With live chats, you have direct access to potential customers and their pain points. It’s possible to ensure the products they sale will be performing exactly as advertised or if their frustration are due to high prices or lack of discount.

Through the chat you make, it’s possible to figure out sound ways to improve on the services rendered and even manage to clock a sale from them.  

Strengthens Customer Relations  

Live video conversations can be documented for future reference. This enables you to adjust how you respond to messages for an even better interaction with online visitors in the future.

When a customer inquires about something specific, you can always reach out to the best answer you ever gave for a similar question. That way, the customer you’re interacting with gets to peg you as someone very attentive and who’s at the same time very knowledgeable about the question being asked.  

Good for Boosting SEO

The data you get from the interaction you have can help you come up with great SEO articles that you can post on your blog or the Frequently Asked Question page.  

The content you create based on the conversation you just had can in turn help to secure you a stop slot in the SERPs.

Plus, some of the questions your prospects ask you via the chat bot are the same questions they’ll also be asking in the search engine box. Meaning you can use them to come up with nicely crafted, SEO-optimized and well-thought-of titles for your posts.

Increases Awareness  

It’s easy to explain to your customer about any other business you’re involved with or if you’ve added a new product or services via a chat box as opposed to any other communication channel.

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The questions asked don’t have to be related to the issues being addressed. And just in case you missed on anything important, you can always refer back to the conversation you had and get back to the client via email with a detailed report of the question they asked.

What Are The Top 10 Chat Apps You Can Use In Singapore

If you’re ready to make the move to integrate a chat bot into your website, here are our top 10 chat apps in Singapore – in no particular order.


  1. SmartSupp

online chat software

SmartSupp is an excellent free live chat software that does more than enable you chat with your website visitors. The app provides you with real time notifications when a website visitor sends a message, but it goes even further. It closely tracks mouse clicks and movements on your website, recording the screen of your visitors to provide you with better insight on user behaviour.

SmartSupp is also highly mobile, allowing you respond to customers on the go with your smartphone. Customize and automate responses to frequently asked questions, set conditional responses and switch to an agent when necessary. It can also be customized to your website, integrates smoothly with Shopify, WordPress, Google Analytics, and more.


  1. Olark

online chatting apps

Olark is a highly customizable live chat system that enables you customize your chat messages to the needs of the visitor, based on the page they’ve viewed. It also records past conversations, pulling these up during any new discussions to enable a completely personalized experience. Boasting a clean, intuitive design, it enables you leverage customer engagement from the front foot.

Among its top features are custom pre-chat surveys, automated messaging, comprehensive reports and in-depth visitor insights helping you understand your leads, and personalize your engagement. It also integrates nicely with third-party CRMs and analytic tools, allowing you match your data for better analysis. It isn’t free, though, so be sure to factor in the costs.


  1. LiveChat

best live chat app

Arguably the best chat system for engaging website visitors, LiveChat provides you with excellent customization tool, multiple language support, and agent monitoring. It also provides you with archives and transcripts of previous chats to keep chats as personal and involving as possible.

LiveChat is designed to ensure that leads are sped along the buying process, converting leads into customers in the shortest possible time. Design your own surveys to collect insights from customers, and create reports to improve your sales process. If you’re in need of a live chat enterprise solution, you hardly can do better than LiveChat.


  1. PureChat

live chat tools

A free live chat software, PureChat allows for unlimited agents and chats, and contains all of the basic features you’d expect from a chatbot. This is a wonderful app for website owners just trying out the endless possibilities of the live chat system for the first time. Customize the app with colors and styles to meet your website needs and provide visitors with a personal feel.

PureChat captures visitor information and stores unlimited historical chat transcripts to improve your website engagement. It integrates easily with CRMs, e-commerce platforms and social media, and also allows for canned responses to provide quick answers to frequently asked questions. Its simple, intuitive interface ensures visitors will find the system easy to use.


  1. LivePerson

website chat system

A pioneer and leader of the real-time customer engagement industry, LivePerson offers unique, agile solutions to communication with leads and prospects. This robust live chat system enables you engage with clients across multiple channels, including SMS, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp. It also ensures bot creation is simple as can be with its simple to use BotStudio and its existent pre-built templates.

LivePerson revolutionizes customer care and engagement by providing integrated real-time voice call solutions in addition to its other available website, mobile and social chat platforms. This provides business owners with multiple user tracking and reporting platforms. Simply decide how many platforms you’d like your live chat system integrated with and select a solution that works for you.


  1. Drift

best live chat tool for singapore website

A conversation-driven live chat solution, Drift allows you automate parts of the chat process for better conversion. This tool, particularly designed for forward-thinking sales and marketing teams, provides you with a platform for multiple interactions, helping you manage interactions on different fronts – whether this is through email or live chat.

Drift offers you visibility over customer interactions, providing insights into the impact of customer interactions on your business performance. It provides you with comprehensive reporting on each lead, and allows you create qualified leads, book meetings and fast-track conversions through LeadBot.


  1. ZenDesk Chat

online chat tool

ZenDesk Chat, formerly known as Zopim, is a customizable chat software that integrate smoothly with ZenDesk, as well as other software like WordPress, Magneto and Salesforce. ZenDesk is an inexpensive option for persons looking for a number of cool features without excessive bells and whistles. It provides you with easily customizable templates for a seamless chat experience.

Its clean and simple design ensures setting up ZenDesk for use id pretty easy. Operator experience as well as customer experience can also reach top levels by tweaking a few default settings. And it offers extensive chat analytics to help you evaluate both lead qualification and agent performance in order to improve customer experience and boost conversions.


  1. Zoho SalesIQ

live help software

If in need of a suitable live chat software solution for extracting critical statistical data, Zoho SalesIQ makes for an excellent choice. This proactive messaging system connects you with potential customers in real time to help boost the returns of your other marketing efforts.

Zoho SalesIQ also provides you with a platform to track your website and analytics features. It lets you send customized messages to customers and prospects, and provides you with real time lead scoring to measure lead interests based on your set rules. It integrates smoothly with other Zoho products, and integrates nicely with ecommerce platforms, email marketing channels, CRMs, and popular CMS.

  1. SnapEngage

live chat tools for website

Yet another multi-platform enabled live chat software on this list, SnapEngage allows you manage chats from your website as well as other social media platforms like SMS-toChat, WeChat, Tweet-to-Chat and Facebook Messenger. SnapEngage is a complete dedicated enterprise chat platform for capturing leads, cutting down response times and providing personalized customer service.

SnapEngage is especially unique as a HIPAA compliant service provider. This makes it ideal for medical businesses who manage patient data and information. Like most enterprise solutions, it enables your sales team qualify leads through set rules, speeding up the conversion process of the best qualified leads.


  1. LiveAgent

using chat bots in singapore websites

LiveAgent comes equipped with multiple channel support for email, live chat and social media, all managed from a single platform. Its intuitive design is easy to customize and implement, and a robust set of features enables you provide top-level customer service. Amongst its top features are real-time typing viewing, chat distribution and history storage, automated chat invitations and real-time view of current website visitors and their on-site interactions.

The chat area can easily be customized to suit your website and may be placed anywhere on the site as you deem fit. An included ring-to-all feature ensures all agents are immediately alerted when a prospect initiates or accepts an invitation to chat.

How to Increase Conversion Rate by Optimising  the Live Chat

  • Customise liver chat for your brand
  • Focus on providing a great user experience
  • Train your team on the best digital marketing in Singapore practices
  • Set up online features

To get the most out of website live chat, you need to train your team and exercise patience. More so, you need to practice the following best practices to improve live chat integration into webdesign in Singapore.

Customise Live Chat for your Brand

There are tons of live chat options, but the challenge is choosing one that integrates seamlessly with your website. This is a better option than build your live chat system from scratch, which can increase the cost of digital marketing in Singapore significantly.

digital marketing in Singapore

The live chat feature should be a natural extension of your brand and messaging. This makes it critical that you customise the chat features to suit your brand. On the bright side, most live chat systems allow you to customise the text in the chat window, brand’s colours, as well as to upload the company logo.

On top of this, ensure that you review the prompts and messages to convey the authenticity of the brand. This ensures that you have brand image consistency. A Lucidpress report shows that a company’s revenue will increase by as much as 23% if they have consistent brand representation.

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Moreover, you ought to set up a custom profile for every team member that manages the chats. This includes uploading the picture and name of the agent to show prospects that they are chatting with a real person. 

Create a Great User Experience

A website’s user experience is influenced by factors such as the overall web design, ease of navigation, and the user interface. Ideally, the live chat platform should enhance the user experience, not take away from it.

With that in mind, consider how the live chat will fit in with your website and digital marketing in Singapore. For starters, it is recommended that you turn off any sounds associated with the live chat. This is because sound from the live chat can be distracting and lower the user experience.

You should also allow some time to lapse between when a visitor lands on your page and when the live chat box pops up. Let the visitor browse the page for at least 5 seconds before the prompt appears. This will give them a chance to interact with the website and evaluate the solutions you have to offer.

Since customer expectations are constantly changing, keep testing different messaging and settings on your live chat platform to determine which options give the best conversion rates.

Train Your Team on Effective Digital Marketing in Singapore

Live chat is only efficient to a brand if capable and professional live chat agents run it. This requires you to train your team on how to manage the chat and communicate effectively with customers on the platform.

More importantly, the agent’s response time will play a huge role in customer satisfaction and determine the website conversation rate. Ideally, visitors on your website require a response to their queries in a matter of seconds.

If there is an agent online, they need to be available to communicate and provide valuable answers to the visitor’s query. However, customer satisfaction on live chat requires the agent to have forethought. This trait ensures that the agent can know the direction of the conversation and quickly find answers to the questions.

digital marketing in Singapore

With that said, take a look into the different chat scenarios your business receives and create scripts for the agents. Show them how they ought to respond to the frequently asked questions. The agents will also know how to guide the visitor over the next stages of the sales funnel.

Some live chat systems have resources that help your agents to manage the chats. They include setting up shortcuts for common responses and transferring the chat to a specific agent, among other solutions.

Setup Online Features

It is not a must that your agents be tied down to a mobile app or desk waiting to answer customer questions on the live chat platform. Most systems come with customisable offline features that offer support to visitors and encourage conversions, as well as enhance digital marketing in Singapore.

For example, nearly all live chat platforms today have the ‘Start a ticket’ or ‘leave a message’ options when the agent is not online or past business hours. While it is a great way to encourage the visitors to start a conversation, they are too generic and changing the offline settings will better suit your brand.

One of the easiest options is to provide a simple form for your website visitors to fill out. Surprisingly, most members will fill the form, and your agents can follow up with the clients when they get back online.

Another method is to make use of a chat bot. The bot can be customised to provide relevant answers to some of the most frequently asked question. The chat bot can also guide the visitor to an online resource where you have set up the answers and solutions to the visitor queries.

With that said, bots have a limited capacity to provide 100% customer satisfaction. A majority of the customers still prefer to interact with a customer care representative instead of a bot. Therefore, it is important that your agents engage visitors and use offline resources carefully.

Personalised Experience on Chat

In the modern era, customers are expecting a personalised experience when they land on a website. A recent survey by Segment found out that 44% of website visitors and customers will give a company repeat business after receiving a personalised experience on the website.

You can deliver on these expectations by customising the live chat platform and improving your web design in Singapore. After integrating the chat platform, and found a working method, test different ways of engaging visitors. For example, you could set up a prompt on the live chat platform where you offer a link to an e-book or article to your visitors.

This strategy will work if the visitor has been on the website for a while. However, you need to test the optimal time for when the pop up appears. If not done right, the pop-ups could force the visitor to leave. You could also set up custom message prompts that will appear if the visitor is from a known traffic source, or they are a returning visitor.

Testing new ways will increase your chances of converting new visitors as well as the likelihood of repeat business from existing customers. However, be sure to take note of what is not working on the live chat and remove it promptly.

Live Chat Can Sometimes Reduce Conversions

As good as website live chat sounds, most businesses assume that it will work in all conditions. Several studies have shown that websites with high conversion rates do not need live chat. Your visitors will most likely have come from a search engine and found your website in less than a second.

When customers land on your website, it will take longer for them to find the answers to their queries. This prompts them to rely on the live chat platform as a path of least resistance. However, it is not the best option when your on-site content can outperform the live chat.

For example, if you run an e-commerce website in Singapore, the live chat will distract the customer away from the buying experience. Moreover, most customers will choose the chat option over CTAs. Since the checkout sequence is easier than completing the transaction via live chat,  the chat option will reduce conversion rate.

Here are a few tips to help you know if you need a  live chat feature on your website.

  • Create a list of the main pages where you expect prospective customers to convert
  • Calculate the conversion rate of each  pages during business and after hours
  • Find the average time between enquiry and signup for each of the pages

You can find this information from Google Analytics or other specialised analytics apps. You should also consider the following information:

  • If your website conversion rate is 5% or higher, do not use the live chat
  • If your conversion rate is between 2% and 5% gather some data to help you increase the rate
  • If you have a conversion rate below 2% start using live chat immediately


Customer Satisfaction is on the Rise in Singapore Thanks To Live Chats

Customer satisfaction has reached its highest point in Singapore, and live chats could be one of the reasons this is so.

According to a new study conducted by the Institute of Service Excellence at the Singapore Management University, the customer satisfaction level has reached a record high.

The institution released this information as they were also announcing the results for the Finance, Health, and Insurance sectors in the country (link: https://www.smu.edu.sg/news/2019/03/27/national-customer-satisfaction-level-reaches-record-high).

As it is, the Customer Satisfaction Index of Singapore (CSISG) has hit an all-time high, with a score of 73.5 out of the possible 100. This is the highest it’s ever been since the entire 12-years history of CSISG.

This increase has been chalked to the improvement that’s happening across multiple industry sectors, including Air Transport, Tourism, as well as Food and Beverages sectors.

One notable feature across all these sectors was the introduction of live chats on their web platforms.

Topping the list with the highest CSISG score was the Finance & Insurance sectors, which scored 73.9% from their previous 73.3%. In a similar vein, all five of its constituent sub-sectors – banks, health & medical insurance, credit cards, personal insurance, and life insurance – also recorded an increase in the CSISG score.

So, could this have anything to do with the fact that these are among the leading sub-sectors to integrate live chats into their web platforms.

In a different study conducted by Comm100 – which reviewed upwards of 45 million live chats across 14 different industries, the aggregate customer satisfaction rate has shot up to 83.1%, a 2.5% lift from the previous score.

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Due to the rising demand for more personalized interaction, organizations were raising their game and pulling an all-out to exceed customer expectations. This would see to it that most of them start adopting live chats.

Brands have all along been a bit lacklustre in adopting new technologies. It’s been a slow process, especially here in Singapore, as companies try to weigh on the decision to maintain the status quo or try experimenting with a change of tactics or new approaches.

And it’s been a heyday to those that persevered and pushed through the hump. Most of their customers have learned to appreciate their effort – and their effort finally paid off.

From the report, the transport sector had the highest number of customers that found live chats more satisfying – at 93.2%. At its heels, was the health sector (at 92.9%), followed by non-profit organisations at 92.4%.

Customers have also learned to be more patient. The average waiting (the amount of time that a customer will be willing to wait for a response from an agent) has increased from the previous 37 seconds to 48 seconds.

This is understandable as customers have been found to care more about the quality of the answers that they get even more than they care about promptness. They’re more interested in responses that best address their concern than a speedy reply. So, they’ll be more willing to wait and give you enough time to work out things on your end and get back to them with a more satisfying response.

In fact, the same report went on to show that the average wait time for organisations with a 90 percent customer satisfaction score and above was 46 seconds. It gets even serious when you consider the fact that the sectors with the lowest satisfaction rate had the lowest average wait time (25 seconds).

To put it quite differently, customers were not satisfied with prompt responses and were even more willing to wait longer for quality responses.

One consequence of this was higher handle times. And as with wait time, higher handle times also resulted in higher satisfaction rates. The only reason we could come up with for this is, perhaps customers enjoyed receiving individualised attention from organisation agents. It made them feel special that the agent took a good 12 minutes or so to attend to their needs.

Other Findings from the Report

This report had loads of interesting findings that we’ll be breaking down in point form:

Average Chat Durations

Organisations that had a customer satisfaction rate of 90% and above recorded an average handle time of 12 minutes 26 seconds, which was 13 times longer than the sector with the lowest CSISG score.

69 Percent of Organisations Were using Canned Responses

We get it – if you’re like most small-scale entrepreneurs, then one of the things holding you back from integrating a live chat into your website or blog is the fear of being overwhelmed with message requests.

Will you be able to act on all the requests your customers make?

Customers will always reach out to you asking for help with making a purchase, returning some of the goods they bought, and a host of other specialist requests. It’s your job to attend to every single one of their requests and makes sure they’re all satisfied.

Live chats make it a snap for them to raise their concerns. So, it’s natural that you’ll start receiving more requests from them.

It turns out; things are a little different on the ground.

If you’re like 69% of the organisations, then you won’t need to reinvent all the responses from scratch – not when most of your customers are facing the same situation.

As you begin gaining more experience, the more you’ll be able to automate your chat system and make the whole process a snap.

The Demand for Mobile Chat is on the Increase

The demand for mobile chat is on the increase. According to the study, about 52% of all the live chats that happened occurred on a mobile device. The number of chats initiated from mobile devices rose by about 8% from the previous count.

So, among the things to consider when installing a live chat into your website is responsiveness or how it works on different mobile devices. You want to make sure the live chat can automatically resize itself to fit whatever screen size your customers are using.

How does it load on their end? What’s their experience when using live chat on a mobile device? Is it the same (if not better) as using it on a desktop or laptop?

How the Chats Changes with Season

The average chat volumes were found to dip during summers and peak drastically as one moves through October, November, and December.

The possible reason for this could be the summer holidays. Customers were less willing to initiate live chats during holidays as they were out enjoying themselves and having the best moments of their lives.

Interactions with Co-browsing

Interactions with co-browsing (live chat that allows agents to view their customers’ web browsers in real-time as they’re chatting – with their permission, of course), had a customer satisfaction rate that was six points higher than the average score – at 89.3%.

Chatbots handled a good Number of the Chat Interactions

Chatbots were found to have been involved in about 59 percent of all the chat interactions that occurred. They even handled everything in about 27% of the chats – from initiating the chats to responding to the client and sorting out their issue, and without involving an agent at any point.

Three key Ingredients Singapore Businesses Can focus on to Improve Customer Satisfaction – as recommended by Comm100 

  • Learn to find a balance between Customer delight and agent Productivity

There has to be a balance between customers’ enjoyment of your service and the agent’s productivity. You don’t want to put pressure on either side. Rather, find the sweet spot that exists in between and learn to embrace it.

If your agents enjoy chatting up customers, there’s a higher likelihood that customers will be more satisfied with the services that they receive.

Once you discover the sweet spot, it will be a lot easier to maximise both customer satisfaction and agent productivity.

  • Prepare for mobile

Mobile interaction is already taking over. Their revolution is already making waves, and it’s upon you to adjust your interactions to make sure that they’re mobile friendly.

You can start by making sure that all your chat interactions are mobile-friendly. Meaning, it’s not just about integrating your site with a live chat. You have to involve the services of a UX designer.

Find out how to best interact with your users via a live chat, and factor in all the suggestions you get in the live chat feature you choose to include on your site.

  • Be cautious with how you Integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) into Your Interaction

AI will never replace humans. Customers still prefer talking to a fellow human and not a chatbot. So instead of handling everything on their own, chatbots need to be programmed to hand over chat to human agents.

The whole process must be smooth and seamless and done in such a way that your customers will understand.

Chatbots can only handle certain types of inquiries, but when the complexity of an inquiry surpasses their capabilities, they should know how to pass it to the next available human agent seamlessly.



If you’re new to live chat systems, you may want to start with the free solutions before moving on to enterprise software solutions as your needs evolve.

Do you run a product- or services-based business, and you are still facing conversion challenges after spending time doing digital marketing in Singapore? Incorporating live chat on your website could help deliver a personalised user experience to your website visitors and lead to a higher website conversion rate.

Statistics show that 92% of customers are more satisfied when using the website live chat feature compared to dealing with businesses via social media or a customer care representative. However, the popularity of live chat can be attributed to the increasing number of businesses offering online support.

The benefits associated with a live chat can be felt by your audience, employees, and your business at large. Your business needs sales, satisfied clients, and simplified interactions, and live chat is all you need to achieve that.

For further clarification about chat bots and how they operate, or how to get one installed on your site, feel free to contact MediaOne today for a free SEO consultation.

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In today’s digital landscape, app marketing plays a crucial role in driving the success of your mobile application. However, many …

Leveraging Influencers: A Powerful Tool for App Promotion

The digital landscape is continuously evolving, attention is divided among countless apps and platforms, and app promotion has become more …


The Rise of Influencer Marketing: Leveraging Social Media to Promote Your Travel Planning Agency

Social media has become an integral part of our daily lives. People from all walks of life use social media …

8 Strategies for Bug Hunting: Debugging, Testing, and Code Review

Bugs are among the most unpleasant aspects of the software development process, whether you’ve worked on a little side project …

How Does A Virtual Private Network Work

If you’re reading this, I assume you’re either a small business owner who’s looking to expand your reach, or an …

Digital Identity Theft: How to Protect Yourself from Scams and Fraud

We are always online in this day and age of technology, which makes personal data more exposed than ever. Digital …

The Legal Consequences of Cybersecurity Breaches in Singapore

Technology has advanced greatly in the digital age. It paves the way for a higher risk of cybersecurity breaches. There …


What Are Virtual Fitting Rooms and How Do They Work? (2023)

Shopping for clothes online can be tricky. It’s difficult to know how something will look and fit without trying it …

Planograms: What They Are and How They’re Used in Visual Merchandising

As a retailer, you know the importance of creating an appealing and organised display of your merchandise. The way you …

PSG Grants: The Complete Guide

How do you kickstart your technology journey with limited resources? The Productivity Solution Grant (PSG) is a great place to …

The Importance of Authenticity in Your Brand Voice Strategy

Most companies are aware of the value of branding. The reputation of a firm may make or break it, after …

Featured Snippet Optimization: Complete Guide In 2022

You’ve probably seen the boxes that pop up at the top of the SERP featuring a summary of an answer …


15 Ways to Remain Empathic While Still Making Deals

Empathy is an essential quality in any negotiation. It allows you to understand the other party’s perspective, build trust and …

10 Prospect Qualification Mistakes That Are Hurting Your Sales

10 Prospect Qualification Mistakes That Are Hurting Your Sales Prospecting is one of the most important aspects of sales. It’s …

How Pros Write Business Proposals To Win New Clients

As a business owner or entrepreneur, one of the most critical skills you need to have is the ability to …

Baidu SEO: Optimising Your Website for Chinese Audiences

In today’s interconnected world, expanding your online presence to capture international markets has become essential. When targeting the Chinese market, …

Time Management Tips for Busy Entrepreneurs (Free Tools)

Are you one of the entrepreneurs juggling multiple tasks, constantly racing against the clock? Do you often find yourself overwhelmed …

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