10 Questions You Must Ask When Choosing a Web Design Company In Singapore

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Among the most challenging decisions to make for small business units is choosing the best web design company. Using the Google search engine, it’ll give you thousands of possible suggestions for “Website Design Company.” In such cases, you use the portfolios of the companies to estimate their potential to bring growth to your business. It’s a great start but not enough to help you make a great selection. As a result, in this article, we discuss ten questions you must answer before choosing a web design company. By answering the questions correctly, you minimize the risk of having negative issues with your project. It also enhances its value to your growing small-scale business in Singapore.

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  1. What is the Project’s Inclusive Cost?

As the manager, you have an option to select between the hourly or project-based types of contract. And as a small firm, your financial background is not yet stable and cannot cater for fees and hidden costs. As a result, you need to search for a company which is project based in pricing. Make sure that you have the final prices with you before signing the agreement. By doing this, you save the trouble of possible misunderstand at the end or during the process of design.

  1. How much Time will it take?

In the course of running a project, some challenges hinder its completion. Such obstacles are typical and should get consideration. We advise that you get the time estimate from the web design company, and keep the right track throughout the project. By doing this, you ensure that the design remains intact. It also will help you to do proper planning on the payment modes among other necessary strategies needed.

  1. Does the Price Accommodate SEO, Content Strategy and Information Architecture?

It has come to our attention that many agencies ignore these factors in constructing their web designs. And if this is the case with the company of your choice, we recommend that you hire an SEO firm. The SEO agency should work in close terms with the company designing the website throughout the whole process. You should not assume that the web design company will take care of these factors as many among them don’t.

  1. Does the Cost include both development and Design?

It’s good to note that some web design companies will hand over to you the designs only. It means that you’ll incur development cost by hiring someone for the building and coding of the website. To avoid such inconveniences, we recommend that you take time to analyze the expense. Make sure that it carries in it the design and development cost for the website. Failure to check if the price accommodates these two factors will see you bear the additional cost. Such an experience can be annoying and even make you give up on your website.

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  1. Will the Company Provide a List of Experts to Work on your Website and their Role in the Company?

We advise that you get to know the individuals working on your website, and their roles in the company. You’ll find that when the prices are low, your site gets developed by the junior staff or the lowest bidders. Remember that, your website is the mirror of your business in the digital market and hence you need the best developers. Therefore, making sure that you have the best developers on your project is essential. It also helps the team developing your website remain responsible for all failures experienced with the generated site.

  1. Will the Website be established on a Responsive Framework?

Your website users want to make purchases on a website that responds to all devices. Users want to engage with a website that is accessible through mobile phones, computers, desktops and iPhones. Such increases the flexibility of the website and is all your site visitors want. Mobile friendliness is a factor that Google uses in its ranking. And for better ranking, make sure that the web design company is developing a website possible to access from a variety of devices.

  1. Are you Outsourcing or Using Freelancers for Your Projects

The company selected should be the one developing your website. Some of these companies will take the task, and then go outsourcing your website design and coding from another person. As a result, you can end up having low quality web designs. And this is what you aim to avoid by hiring a web design company. Make sure to pay close attention to the development process of your web.

  1. Will, there be Transition Plan

A transition plan is crucial when redesigning your website. It helps to maintain sales and traffic when the new site goes live. In case the web design company doesn’t include the plan, consider hiring a company conversant with transition planning to work with the company in the design process. By doing this, you remain assured of getting a website that you desire.

  1. What CMS and Platform will get used? And will it be Possible to Edit the Content Easily?

The company selected should come clear on the platform the company will be using. Also, they should tell you whether you can edit the content without their help. A good platform should come with a guide on how to modify the content without necessary contacting with the web design company. Some examples of the platform they can use include WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal among others.

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  1. Will the Company Offer Training for the CMS?

In case the company uses CMS in the construction of your website, ensure that they offer training on how to edit or add the content. By doing this, it provides that you can efficiently run your site. It also will save you the consultation fee to modify the content.

In conclusion, choosing the best company offers a guarantee of getting the best website. Make sure to answer all of the above questions for a chance to come up with a web design company that satisfies your needs. By doing this, you’ll find it possible to monitor the designing process at fewer difficulties.

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