10 PPC Copywriting Tips for Singapore Text Ads

Copywriting Tips

What’s the difference between an effective PPC ad and one that simply wastes time? In most cases, it’s a matter of what text you include in the ad copy. Crafting the perfect ad copy can be challenging. You only have so much space to catch the person’s attention and get them interested in what you have to offer. While there is no winning formula, there are a few Copywriting Tips that you can use to significantly increase your chances of getting more clicks. Let’s discuss 10 of them.

1. Know What Your Audience Wants

Whenever a customer clicks on your ad it’s because they’re in need of a solution. They don’t want to know more about your business, they want to know what it is your business can do for them. Unfortunately, all too often, Singapore businesses will make their entire ad about who their company is and how much they know. What they should be talking about is what they offer and what they are able to do for the customer.

So instead of going on and on about your business, show your customers that you understand them. Let them know that you’re able to fix their problems. This means that you need to put yourself in their shoes. Write the ad with a solution as your focal point.

2. Speak Directly to Your Audience

One of the best ways to win your audience over is to make them feel important. And you can easily do this by addressing them directly. Using the words”you” or “your” can add a personable touch to your ad copy. Also, it ensures that your business comes across as friendly and helpful. This is a great way to form an instant connection.

3. Cater to Emotions

The only thing worse than an offensive ad is one that is not memorable. Your ad needs to intrigue people. It needs to captivate their attention enough so that it gets them to click. This means that if you create ad copy that is too generic, then it is likely to be forgotten, no matter how well put together it is. So how can you avoid a boring ad? The answer is simple, you must appeal to their emotions. Luckily, if you know your target audience, this should be pretty easy.

When creating emotional ad copy, consider the customer’s desires. You may even consider their problems, as negative emotions can be even more effective than those that are positive. This is because people are motivated to avoid things that are unpleasant. So consider leveraging emotions that have to do with anger, anxiety, or their fear of missing out on something. When targeting positive emotions appeal to hope or their need to be liked.

4. Use Numbers

Another great way to increase your click-through rates and get people’s attention is to include numbers in your copy. People are drawn to statistics and figures. So include the price of your product in the ad. Feature the number of people your company has managed to help. And remember, don’t round your numbers, make them exact.

5. Get Rid of All Objections

If you want to ensure that your ad is convincing, then try getting rid of any doubt that the person may have. Think about all of the objections that someone may come up with when they think of what you offer. Then address these objections in your ad. This will help to do away with doubt and they will be more likely to click on your ad.

6. Use All Your Space

In order to get the most out of your ad, you need to use as much space as you possibly can. You see, Google AdWords allows Singapore advertisers two 30-character headlines as well as a description that contains 80-characters. You need to maximise your ad’s potential by packing as much as you can into this space.

You should also remember your ad extensions and display URL. You don’t have to match your display URL the actual URL that your visitors are going to visit. It’s simply meant to show people what kind of page they’re going to be taken to, so creating custom URLs which contain your keywords is a good idea. Ad extensions can also be valuable for securing more real estate in the search results. However, this doesn’t mean that you should rely on them to carry your message. Google doesn’t guarantee that extensions will show up each time your ad runs.

7. Focus On What Makes You Stand Out

A big part of creating captivating ads if making your business stand out from the rest of your competitors. You need to create a selling proposition that is unique to your audience. So make your audience think about what your business does differently or better than anyone else in your industry. Consider the awards that you have won. Think about your special offers. Point out what makes your brand the most interesting.

8. Go Local

One of the best ways to gain people’s trust is by emphasising the fact that you are a local business. People prefer not to do business with faceless companies. So talk about your location. It will make your business seem more approachable–even if you have multiple locations. If you operate in several locations, then you need to create several PPC campaigns which cater to each area. Use local phone numbers.

9. Use Strong Calls to Action

When creating your call to actions, you need to convey a sense of urgency. While phrases like “Call Now” may be common, they don’t really compel the visitor to take action. Instead of using common cliches, you need to cater your CTA to your audience. Think about what they want and use phrases that start with words such as “Save”, “Get,” or “Join.” Use verbs that are strong and that make an impression.

10. Split Test Your Ads

A key way to ensure that your ads are always improving is to test them. When running ads, you need to collect as much data from them as you possibly can. The more data that you are able to collect, the more patterns that you will begin to notice. And this will make it much easier for you to make adjustments as needed. Remember, you should never work solely based off of your intuition. These types of judgment calls rarely work when it comes to advertising. You need to put your trust in the data.

Try split testing your call to actions by placing them in different locations of the ad. Spit tests your statistics and numbers. Try out different display URLs. You can also highlight various benefits of your services and products.

The Takeaway

What many Singapore business owners don’t realise is that crafting the perfect PPC ad is not only a science, it’s an art. Even the best copywriters can struggle when it comes to creating an ad. However, the good news is that if you use a little patience, testing, and practice, you can learn to create effective PPC ads quickly and easily. The above SEM tips are best practices that can get you off to a good start and put you ahead of the competition. 

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Tom Koh is the CEO of MediaOne, a leading Asia digital agency. He comes packed with 2 decades of international digital marketing experience. In his spare time of maybe 20 minutes a day, he loves coaching, blogging about all things digital and trying to figure out how to make his dog do the roll.

July 20, 2018

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