10 Best White Label SEO Software

10 Best White Label SEO Software

In this day and age, there is no denying that digital marketing and SEO have become one and the same. Forrester predicts that by next year, 80% of marketers will use some form of digital marketing within their agencies.

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As a digital marketer, you will likely be looking to integrate SEO best practices into your marketing plan and strategy. To make this process easier, I’ve compiled a list of the top ten SEO software tools available to digital marketers that want to take their SEO game to the next level.

  • Aura SEO Software

Aura SEO is, hands down, the best SEO tool for digital marketers because of its simple-to-use interface and the huge array of features. This tool was specifically designed for SEO practitioners looking for an all-in-one solution.

This software is a goldmine for SEOs because of its diverse features, including keyword research, content strategy, keyword ranking, site performance, and more. Aura SEO is unquestionably the best option if you’re looking for a one-stop shop for all your SEO needs. Give it a go and see for yourself.

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  • Keywordtool.io

If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution for keyword research, keyword tool.io is the answer. Created by Neustar, an industry leader in marketing intelligence, this software compiles the most popular search volumes and lists for hundreds of industries and niches. There is also a free version available for limited use.

This software is great for keyword research because it provides a clear snapshot of the search volumes for your chosen keywords. Furthermore, it scores the competition, so you know what keywords are already used by others in their content and how to best position yourself for maximum effectiveness when using the same keywords.

  • Long Tail Pro

Another great piece of software from Neustar, long tail pro offers a one-of-a-kind blend of performance and functionality. This software aims to help you build a powerful long-tail keyword list using any device or browser with an internet connection. The tool is extremely easy to use and has a minimalist design focused on performance.

This software makes it easy to find and keep track of your keyword ideas as you research and build your long-tail keyword list. The main dashboard of this tool displays the search volumes for your chosen keywords and the competition score, so you know where you stand.

  • Seo Ultimate

Like the long tail pro above, SEO Ultimate is another software produced by Neustar that can be used for keyword research, content strategy, and SEO. This tool also allows you to export your analysis to Word or Excel for further manipulation and analysis.

The big difference is that SEO Ultimate focuses more on performance than design. In other words, the tool is more suited to those who want to get results fast than those who want to go the extra mile with design templates and colorful interfaces.

  • SEMrush

SEMrush is, in my opinion, the best all-around SEO tool simply because it does so much! This piece of software from SEMrush is completely free and offers a vast array of features. It specializes in SEO, PPC (Pay-per-click), and social media marketing (SMM).

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This tool scores your site’s SEO performance across various platforms, including Google and Bing, so you know exactly where you stand in terms of SEO. In addition, you can use this software to track and analyze your social media performance across platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

One of the reasons why I think SEMrush is so special is that it provides an easy-to-use interface. Even novice users will feel at home in no time.

  • Accuranker

Accuranker is an all-in-one SEO tool that provides a simple and intuitive user interface. It focuses on usability and UX for those who want to get the most out of this tool. Design-wise, Accuranker has a clean and concise appearance with flat iconography.

This software provides a fast and efficient way to find and rank your website or blog for any chosen keywords or phrases. Furthermore, you can use this tool to track the performance of your chosen keywords and see how many visits each article or webpage gets within a given timeframe. The more organic traffic you get, the happier you will be.

Accuranker scores your site’s SEO performance across various platforms, including Google and Bing, so you know exactly where you stand regarding SEO. In addition, you can track and analyze your social media performance across platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

  • Wooplr

Wooplr is an all-in-one SEO tool designed for digital marketers who want to keep things simple and focused on results. This tool offers a one-stop shop for all your SEO needs so you can get back to doing what you do best.

Wooplr is, in a word, simple. The design is minimalistic, focusing on displaying relevant and high-quality content. In addition to content quality, this software considers various factors, including the source’s authority, the content’s popularity, and the article’s quality.

Wooplr scores your site’s SEO performance across various platforms, including Google and Bing, so you know exactly where you stand in terms of SEO. Furthermore, you can track and analyze your social media performance across platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

  • Wix SEO

One of the most popular content management platforms is now available as a solid SEO tool. Dubbed ‘The Swiss army knife of web creators,’ Wix offers numerous features that can help grow your client base. As a white-label SEO agency, you can get started for free and try out the software for yourself.

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The benefits of using Wix as an SEO tool are countless. First of all, it’s one of the most user-friendly software platforms. Even professionals can use it without any problem. Wix offers a simple drag-and-drop interface that even a non-technical person can understand.

As the name would suggest, Wix makes it easy for anyone to create a website. And if you’re creating sites for clients, having a quality one is a must. To prove the point, Wix offers a wide variety of templates that you can choose from. When it comes to SEO, a good template will make all the difference.

Another reason why Wix is such a popular choice among digital marketers is its diverse set of tools. For starters, there are the standard SEO features that you’d expect from a tool of this caliber. You get an opportunity to rank a site quickly and easily with just a few clicks. Plus, there’s the whole suite of marketing tools that Wix offers. From retargeting ads to email marketing, remarketing to PPC (Pay Per Click), you’ll never be short of options.

Wix is a complete advertising platform that can help you set up campaigns. There are tons of tools bundled in Wix that can increase your conversion rates. For example, the built-in Google Analytics will track all the traffic to your website. This enables you to take a deeper dive into the performance of each individual piece of content. Are people finding your content valuable? Did they engage with it? The answers to these questions and more are available in the analytics.

  • Squarespace SEO

If you’re looking for a complete solution for your SEO needs, head to Squarespace and grab their premium plan. For just $5 per month, you can have a professional-looking blog up and running in no time. Plus, you can integrate all your favorite CMSs (Content Management Systems) like WordPress, Joomla, and more.

You’ll notice that we’ve included Squarespace in this list of top SEO tools. This is because Squarespace provides an all-in-one solution for bloggers and website owners who want to blog. As a CMS (Content Management System), it makes publishing content easier and more convenient. Most importantly, Squarespace has integrated SEO tools to help you optimize your content for search engines.

  • HubSpot SEO

Although it doesn’t come with a standard SEO plan, HubSpot offers one of the most comprehensive SEO tools. It’s one of the most popular software platforms in digital marketing and can be used b our site for you.


Hopefully, you have found these ten best SEO software tools for digital marketers useful. Please comment below on which tool is the best and why!

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