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Looking for a quick way to increase traffic and score leads with little effort?

Whether your company is new to the game, or a long term veteran at Google Adwords, MediaOne’s Search Engine Marketing (SEM) can you help you achieve the results you desire.

Despite the common notion that hardly anyone ever clicks on Google ads, sponsored results surprisingly account for 64.6% of clicks for high commercial intent keyword searches in the present day. In a stark contrast, unpaid organic results only garner 35.4% of the clicks.

With Google’s large variety of creative ad forms, ranging from display ads to sponsored listing ads, SEM has steadily grown in its effectiveness, making it an option for consideration for companies needing a short term solution to boost sales.

With our precise SEM campaign direction, our experts at MediaOne will promote your company’s website by increasing traffic with the most accountable form of advertising—pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. We look for powerful, high-value keywords to churn out the best ad content, resulting in a boost in site traffic and conversion rate. PPC offers maximum exposure at optimal prices, ensuring these paid ads appear at the top of SERPS, even higher than your organic results.

Nonetheless, successful digital marketing campaigns are all about constant refinement. Like our SEO strategies, we go through ongoing monitoring throughout your SEM campaign to fine-tune varying factors when necessary, and continuously improve your campaign.

The Power of Two/ Better Together

While PPC is a faster route to increase website traffic and generate leads, it can be much more costly to maintain its high visibility round the clock, eventually exceeding the equivalent of SEO’s high visibility that is gained organically. Here at MediaOne, we recommend that PPC be ideally used alongside SEO. This is because the data obtained from PPC aids in the early phases of your digital marketing campaign when your website’s organic visibility has yet to reach optimum levels. Since PPC is a paid campaign, it is crucial to strategically combine both SEM and SEO’s organic search in order to reach maximum conversion rates.

Additionally, SEM identifies and filters out high-performing keywords, which brings more profitable ROI and traffic, allowing us to then implement the right keywords on SEO for higher conversion rates.

With a combination of these two methods, your company will thus enjoy not only instant results, but also long standing gains that continue months and even years after working with us.

SEM Fun Facts

64.6% of clicks for high commercial intent keywords come from sponsored results
Display ads increases web traffic to your website by 300%
Brands that use displayads gain 63% increase in brand awareness to their target audience

MediaOne SEM Advantages

Keyword Consultation

As your designated SEM consultant and service provider, MediaOne not only offers you a strategic selection of proposed thematic and semantic keywords, but also consultative services to help you understand which keywords are best suited for your business.

Through our in depth market analysis, MediaOne helps you to identify what clicks with your audience and brings about the highest conversions to increase your ROI.

Competitive Analysis

MediaOne identifies your competitors to understand the market and their tactics. Coupled with the assessment of their strengths and weaknesses, it would then allow us to derive tailored solutions for your business.

By finding out what ticks for your top competitors, MediaOne can help you to construct an effective campaign to tackle them head on, and rise above them.

Professional Copywriting That Sells

Many argue that written content is slowly losing its impact as people tend to lead towards eye-catching visuals nowadays. While images and videos are vital to grab the attention of your audience, written content too is imperative when it comes to capturing the attention of search engines.

Good copywriting can make all the difference when it comes to enticing customers in SEM. A process that requires exhaustive research and writing strategic content (i.e. highly relevant keywords), we ensure that you receive only high quality copywriting services for your ads. Our team of past newspaper journalists and experienced writers compile a list of the best keywords and incorporate them into informational content.

Our Google Ads effectively uses SEO keywords for web content, designed to capture the attention of your audience and draw them to your site, resulting in a boost in your website’s visibility on search engines. Experience increased traffic and visibility with us!

What Goes Into Our Ads

The SEM Journey

1. Plan

Receive keyword proposal & proposed ads

Receive keyword proposal & proposed ads

LBecause keywords form the foundation of SEM, a comprehensive research will be conducted to pick out specific keywords that are linked strongly to your business and potential customers who are seeking your products and services. Simultaneously, negative keywords that are unlikely to result in conversions will also be identified and ruled out to meet the goals of your ad campaign.


Launch your ad campaign and monitor keyword performance

Launch your ad campaign and monitor keyword performance

Keywords pivotal to your business will then be organised into focused campaigns and suitable ad groups that are designed to entice and captivate customers. Note that factors such as the geographical location for the ad to be displayed within will be taken in account as they will directly impact your promotional campaign. Keyword performances will also be closely monitored to pinpoint areas where immediate improvements can be made.

3. FLY

Watch conversions rate shoot up quickly

Watch conversions rate shoot up quickly

Gaining visibility on search engines isn’t based on luck—it’s a result of solid effort. With our SEM management strategy, we will work closely with you to understand your unique business objectives so you can be assured of great returns and nothing less.

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